iPhone reloaded

Just read the live coverage of the WWDC 2008 keynote by Steve Jobs on Ars Technica and seen details on the second version of the iPhone. Again the rumors were true – the second installement of the phone is more enterprise friendly, but most interesting – it’s got 3G, GPS and a price tag of only $199. For that price I don’t think you can get a phone with all these features, as well as the design and user experience that the iPhone brings.

The app store touted by Apple as the only way of getting 3rd party apps on your phone seems to become the primary revenue driver behind the new phone. By lowering the price while adding features, Apple seems to get into a ‘printer-like’ business: sell the printer cheap, but bill for the ink and other parts. So I’m guessing Apple wants to drive adoption, so it can thicken the revenue stream through the app store.

Some of the features Steve announced today will also be available on the current version of the iPhone, via a free software update near the end of july. Which means my jailbroken iPhone will get it a month or so later 🙂 still before the second version will be in my hands.


I’ve freed my iPhone

One thing I hated on the iPhone – not having the option to copy music from two different computers onto it without losing everything. But no more!

Some background information: I use a laptop for work and also have about 3 other computers at home. On the home PC’s I have the bulk of my music, and on my laptop my contacts, calendar, podcasts. Once I’ve synced my contacts with the laptop, I can’t put music from the home pc on it.

Apparently this has ended with an update to iTunes 7.6 – a new checkbox appeared on the sync music tab – Manually manage my music. From what I tried it seems that I still need iTunes installed (unless a tool like vPod will appear / works already) but instead of syncing I can drag a file from my desktop over the iPhone icon and it will add it to its library. Which means I can put music from any pother computer that has iTunes (at least in theory). I’ll try it later and update this post with how good it works.