I’ve freed my iPhone

One thing I hated on the iPhone – not having the option to copy music from two different computers onto it without losing everything. But no more!

Some background information: I use a laptop for work and also have about 3 other computers at home. On the home PC’s I have the bulk of my music, and on my laptop my contacts, calendar, podcasts. Once I’ve synced my contacts with the laptop, I can’t put music from the home pc on it.

Apparently this has ended with an update to iTunes 7.6 – a new checkbox appeared on the sync music tab – Manually manage my music. From what I tried it seems that I still need iTunes installed (unless a tool like vPod will appear / works already) but instead of syncing I can drag a file from my desktop over the iPhone icon and it will add it to its library. Which means I can put music from any pother computer that has iTunes (at least in theory). I’ll try it later and update this post with how good it works.


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