Flex 3, BlazeDS & AIR 1.0 are out!

Finally, the combination for RIA goodness is upon us. Adobe, through the combined efforts of the Flex, AIR and BlazeDS teams has launched these three products aimed to making the life of web developers a bit easier, and the life of the web user a lot easier. You can check out the products on the adobe.com website, where you can also download a trial version (for Flex Builder) or the full versions of the Flex 3 SDK, AIR SDK and BlazeDS.

air  fx_appicon_web blaze_ds_logo_web

Now it’s time to see how the web experience shapes up – I’m looking forward to ever-increasing levels of interactivity on the web, and a nice blend between the web and the desktop (which AIR aims to increase).

Here are some stories on Digg, on the same topic, here, here and here.



Just got the bug up and running using OpenID – or so I hope – the plugin threw a warning, but seems to work ok … So if you have an OpenID account you can now use it to register or post a comment. The good side – you’re comment will get through moderation (I hope).

So, let’s see how much fun this will be and how long it takes for OpenID to really take off and get some major social websites on it.

Oh, I’m using WP-openid (search for it, the link is out of reach).

SideNote: My laptop is freaking me out tonight, it keeps pausing to do stuff with my hard-drive …. if it keeps it up it will end up in a corner of the room.


Right now I’m sitting inside Adobe’s San Jose caffeteria. For a week I will be in San Jose instead of Bucharest, attending some meetings, conferences and other similar stuff. I’ll also try to visit and take a ton of pictures. So for now articles will appear at a completly different time 🙂
I will update this post with pictures as soon as I upload them to an online service.

Speaking at 360 Flex

306_Flex Italy In April I will be speaking at the 360 Flex conference in Italy. I will be talking about webservices and Flex3.
The conference will take place between 7 and 9 april in Milan, Italy, so if you’re in Europe you can attend.


Details on the event can be found on the homepage for the conference, and registration can be done through its eventbrite page.

Transition (almost) over

Finally I’ve taken a few hours to put in practice what I have been planning for my blogs: stop them. This applies to my two previous blogs, at https://ivascucristian.com/blog (the technical one) and https://ivascucristian.com/personal (the personal one). The reason is simple: time. I cannot find enough time to clean up the draft posts for both blogs and get them to a form where other people can read them. Secondary reason is that I am not organized enough to maintain two blogs successfully. One alone is not a sure bet either, though.

So I’ve done it. I created a new blog (this one) and migrated all of the content to it. This means posts and comments from the previous blogs can be found here. By doing this I could also update the structure of the permalinks without hurting anyone. Also, to make it easier for people using RSS, I’ve kept the FeedBurner address of the technical blog and forwarded the feed address for the new one to it. If you followed the feed for the personal blog (for which I never got around to setting up a feedburner feed) you will have to update the subscription in your feed reader.

I will still experiment with various plugins, themes and settings during the next few weeks, so if you find something is wrong, send me an e-mail and I will try to fix it as soon as possible. I also promise to post more often. For real this time.

FlexCamp is upon us

Today at Adobe Romania takes place the FlexCamp Bucharest. It’s a conference about Flex which had already sold out in the first three weeks from its announcements.

I will hold a camp session showing off the improvements we have added into Flex Builder in terms of web services – the introspection wizard which generates strong typed classes for both the operations, types and even request / result wrappers.

If you already registered and received an invitation, I’m looking forward to meet you there. Otherwise (or if you simply cannot come) the entire camp is broadcasted live over Acrobat Connect. Recordings of the presentations will also be made available afterwards. You can watch the live camp session on Connect at this address: http://my.adobe.acrobat.com/flexro.

Now back to adding the finishing touches on the presentation.


After some time I finally made the move and bought a domain name and hosting. Unfortunately I did not have the time to build my personal web site yet (I want to do a nice job on it). Instead I din another thing: I moved my technical blog from 42answers.wordpress.com here. So if you read anything on it before, or added it into the RSS reader or linked to it (thanks btw) I will have to ask you to update those links. Posts will not continue on 42answers, and in some time the account will be deleted entirely.

And since I made the move to my own domain name and space, and I can put up whatever I want I have big plans:

  • I will post things on this blog more regularly
  • I will also add a more personal blog, in Romanian. I’ll link to it when it is up and running.
  • It will be easier to expose my projects and any related files / materials. So hopefully, it will be easier for you to get what you want.
  • More content. Yeah, I’ve also added this at bullet no.1, but it’s worth repeating.

All of the posts and comments from 42answers have been moved here. Now I still have to move over the blogroll links and tweak some settings.

See you soon in the new home!