Transition (almost) over

Finally I’ve taken a few hours to put in practice what I have been planning for my blogs: stop them. This applies to my two previous blogs, at (the technical one) and (the personal one). The reason is simple: time. I cannot find enough time to clean up the draft posts for both blogs and get them to a form where other people can read them. Secondary reason is that I am not organized enough to maintain two blogs successfully. One alone is not a sure bet either, though.

So I’ve done it. I created a new blog (this one) and migrated all of the content to it. This means posts and comments from the previous blogs can be found here. By doing this I could also update the structure of the permalinks without hurting anyone. Also, to make it easier for people using RSS, I’ve kept the FeedBurner address of the technical blog and forwarded the feed address for the new one to it. If you followed the feed for the personal blog (for which I never got around to setting up a feedburner feed) you will have to update the subscription in your feed reader.

I will still experiment with various plugins, themes and settings during the next few weeks, so if you find something is wrong, send me an e-mail and I will try to fix it as soon as possible. I also promise to post more often. For real this time.


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