New Flex Module is out

A new version of the Flex Module for Apache and IIS has been released on labs late last week. It includes several important changes:

1. A zip folder with instructions for manual installations has been added to help users running Unixes without X and users with more weird configurations with which the installer couldn’t cope

2. Major speed increase. This is the biggest stuff yet, as it now uses a caching slots mechanism to keep the latest 5 compiled mxmls in memory. Incremental compilation times bumped down to under a second (for the FlexStore sample application). Due to the need for the browser to render and display the flash it still shows as almost 2 seconds. But it’s way faster than the previous release.

3. Fixed some bugs and compiled the entire server on Java 1.4. So now the JRE/JDK 1.4 will be enough to work on.

4. Added Vista / IIS7 / Apache support, and Ubuntu 7.04/Apache. Added Mac/PPC support.

5. Fixed some issues with Windows / Apache 1.3.7 (the java virtual machine refused to start when invoked by the module).

6. Fixed Content-Length value  – in some casse, on Windows the pipe from the compilation server to the Apache module added some junk characters, causing the page to never stop loading. Now we check for specific markers before setting the final value on the content length.

You can also find the release notes on the project’s wiki page, over on Adobe Labs. One thing to note though: if you already have a previous version installed, do a full uninstall and then put in the new version.


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