Games + Web = Flash

Or the other way around. I’m not a big gamer, at least not in the last years (heh, the Fallout and Warcraft era has fallen) but one of the games I have played and enjoyes was StarCraft. Not the campaigns or the single scenarios, but for its multiplayer. Although, one has to admit that the campaigns were quite fun too.

Now, back on track. Some guys over at amorgames thought the same on StarCraft and used Flash to create a little clone. It is somewhat limited but it can help the addicts of this game get a quick fix at the office ;). Just point the browser here. This goes to prove that when it comes to games the small (and mostly boring) little apps started to grow. And perhaps we’ll see some multiplayer soon (using remoting or the new Flex Data Services from Adobe).

Keep it up guys! (and also let me play with the Protoss 🙂 )


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