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  • Get duplicate line shortcut working in Ubuntu

    Problem: The default keyboard shortcut for duplicating lines (ALT + CTRL + Up/Down) does not work Configuration: Ubuntu Jaunty, Eclipse 3.5 This is caused by the system using the same shortcuts to move to a virtual workspace above and below. Go to System > Preferences > Keyboard Shortcuts and assign a different key combo for…

  • Fix iTunes + Windows 7 + iPhone

    Update: Using the latest iTunes 64bit with Windows 7 64bit, I had no more problems. Can’t vouch for 32 bit versions, though. Problem: After a first successful sync of my iPhone with iTunes on Windows 7, I rebooted my PC. Consequently, any attempt to start iTunes with my iPhone plugged in results in an error…

  • Enable additional ENV variables on linux for non-interactive ssh logins

    Use-case: run Hadoop with localhost as your only master/slave and with a custom JVM: echo JAVA_HOME=/home/user/jdk > ~/.bashrc echo JAVA_HOME=/home/user/jdk > ~/.ssh/environment sudo -i echo PermitUserEnvironment yes >> /etc/ssh/sshd_config service ssh restart exit ssh localhost ‘echo $JAVA_HOME’

  • Is your monitor set up right?

    Test it using the page here. I had to adjust both my contrast and brightness (my LCD was really bright). Btw, the tip they give, for setting the contrast high, at 100 and brightness at 25 is not very accurate, so make sure you pick your own.