Prezentarea despre Distributed Computing @Poli

I presented about distributed systems at the University Politehnica of Bucharest. Here are the slides, with thanks to the inspiration sources all over the web (Mahout presentations, HBase and Hadoop presentations).

Automated deployment of distributed systems

There’s a new blog post up on – Hadoop and HBase Automated Deployment using Puppet, written by yours truly. It also announces the open-sourcing of the code that we use to deploy a fully distributed system to one or more clusters in a semi-automated manner (we need to push the button 🙂 )

So, enjoy reading here.

Get duplicate line shortcut working in Ubuntu

Problem: The default keyboard shortcut for duplicating lines (ALT + CTRL + Up/Down) does not work
Configuration: Ubuntu Jaunty, Eclipse 3.5

This is caused by the system using the same shortcuts to move to a virtual workspace above and below. Go to System > Preferences > Keyboard Shortcuts and assign a different key combo for the following two actions:
Switch to workspace up
Switch to workspace down
Duplicate lines works again.

Open files in gvim in new tabs

Aim: when hitting F4 in GnomeCommander, the file will open in a new tab of the existing gvim instance:
Options1: visual:

  1. Open Gnome Commander => Settings => Options => Programs
  2. In the Edit text field put this:
    gvim -p --remote-tab-silent %s
  3. Save and restart Gnome Commander – not always needed, but helps

Option 2: editing the settings file:

  1. The file to edit is ~/.gnome2/gnome-commander
  2. Find the line :editor=blablabla and change it to :
    editor=gvim -p --remote-tab-silent %s
  3. Save and restart gnome-commander

Google reader clip

S-ar putea sa fie disponibil mai demult, dar eu azi am observat – Google pune la dispozitia userilor de reader care sunt si bloggeri un “clip” in care pot afisa articolele partajate direct pe blog. Si cum eu m-am apucat recent de feed sharing, l-am si integrat (e chiar foarte simplu si rapid). Urmeaza sa intru si pe social networks si sunt doomed 2.0.