Automated deployment of distributed systems

There’s a new blog post up on – Hadoop and HBase Automated Deployment using Puppet, written by yours truly. It also announces the open-sourcing of the code that we use to deploy a fully distributed system to one or more clusters in a semi-automated manner (we need to push the button 🙂 )

So, enjoy reading here.

Get duplicate line shortcut working in Ubuntu

Problem: The default keyboard shortcut for duplicating lines (ALT + CTRL + Up/Down) does not work
Configuration: Ubuntu Jaunty, Eclipse 3.5

This is caused by the system using the same shortcuts to move to a virtual workspace above and below. Go to System > Preferences > Keyboard Shortcuts and assign a different key combo for the following two actions:
Switch to workspace up
Switch to workspace down
Duplicate lines works again.

Open files in gvim in new tabs

Aim: when hitting F4 in GnomeCommander, the file will open in a new tab of the existing gvim instance:
Options1: visual:

  1. Open Gnome Commander => Settings => Options => Programs
  2. In the Edit text field put this:
    gvim -p --remote-tab-silent %s
  3. Save and restart Gnome Commander – not always needed, but helps

Option 2: editing the settings file:

  1. The file to edit is ~/.gnome2/gnome-commander
  2. Find the line :editor=blablabla and change it to :
    editor=gvim -p --remote-tab-silent %s
  3. Save and restart gnome-commander

Google reader clip

S-ar putea sa fie disponibil mai demult, dar eu azi am observat – Google pune la dispozitia userilor de reader care sunt si bloggeri un “clip” in care pot afisa articolele partajate direct pe blog. Si cum eu m-am apucat recent de feed sharing, l-am si integrat (e chiar foarte simplu si rapid). Urmeaza sa intru si pe social networks si sunt doomed 2.0.

Cursa de recuperare …

Saptamana trecuta a fost una nebuna si trista. Si din cauze diverse am stat deoparte de calculator aproape 6 zile (which is huge), asa ca acum trebuie sa recuperez pe toate planurile. Si recuperez de duminica seara incoace, doar ca s-au strans multe:

  • Work – deh, treaba care trebuia facuta, trebuie facuta.
  • Feeds – tona de items care solicita un minim de atentie (si probabil vreo 20 de ore)
  • Prezentari de facut
  • M-am apucat inainte de variile evenimente sa citesc pe vreo 3 planuri. Drept urmare ma asteapta pe noptiera, birou si in laptop fix 3 carti diferite. Si nu vreau sa le las
  • Blogurile care au cam inceput sa imi bata obrazul din cauza neatentiei. Inca un pic si isi dau stapanul disparut (am un draft pe blogul tehnic de fix 2 luni)
  • Diversele experimente si idei abandoname pentru moment (Orcas, AIR, etc)
  • Mai are rost sa trec si viata personala aici? 😀

Si eu stau sa scriu un post (tai punctul 5 de pe lista 😀 ) intr-o pauza scurta intre alte doua chestii. Damn it feels good!