Link preview without the hastle

Snap launched one of these days a new service called Snap Preview Anywhere that allows bloggers and site owners display a preview of a link’s target as a tool tip. This seems to aim at adding AJAX style value to a site but without all the hard work. The service is embeded into your page through same JavaScript code that you must place in the <head> tag of your page. If you have a blog, editing the theme allows access to this area of the page, so you can take advantage too.

The only issue is now if you’re willing to allow take a peak at what links your users follow the most or you prefer to spend another hour or so coding the feature yourself.


Games + Web = Flash

Or the other way around. I’m not a big gamer, at least not in the last years (heh, the Fallout and Warcraft era has fallen) but one of the games I have played and enjoyes was StarCraft. Not the campaigns or the single scenarios, but for its multiplayer. Although, one has to admit that the campaigns were quite fun too.

Now, back on track. Some guys over at amorgames thought the same on StarCraft and used Flash to create a little clone. It is somewhat limited but it can help the addicts of this game get a quick fix at the office ;). Just point the browser here. This goes to prove that when it comes to games the small (and mostly boring) little apps started to grow. And perhaps we’ll see some multiplayer soon (using remoting or the new Flex Data Services from Adobe).

Keep it up guys! (and also let me play with the Protoss 🙂 )

Microsoft hoax – the new M$ Firefox

As noted yesterday by Ionut (in romanian), The Register pulled a nice one on Microsoft and made public a news on the aquisition and subsequent release of the Microsoft Firefox 2007 browser. Hey, even the website has some of the Microsoft characteristics – a constant push to upgrade to the professional version. Overall, a nice site where you can also find the Akobe Plash plugin for the new browser. Way to go guys and bring us more such fun stuff.

YANB – short for Yet Another Blog

Aafter being a while on blogspot and Yahoo 360 I have decided to get a fresh, clean start with a blog engine that I personally like. And since at the moment I do not have the time (and mood) to put up my own server I opted for the wordpress hosted blogs. I hope I’ll just be able to keep on posting at regular times, and bring some informative stuff here.

Cya in the next posts.