Fix iTunes + Windows 7 + iPhone

Update: Using the latest iTunes 64bit with Windows 7 64bit, I had no more problems. Can’t vouch for 32 bit versions, though.

After a first successful sync of my iPhone with iTunes on Windows 7, I rebooted my PC. Consequently, any attempt to start iTunes with my iPhone plugged in results in an error dialog:

“iTuness cannot connect to this iPhone because the required software is not installed. ….”
The message also suggests a fix – removing and re-installing iTunes using the iTunes setup package.

Real solution:

Obviously the method the error dialog suggests does not work. Instead, the following steps do:
1. Go to Control Panel > Programs > Uninstall a program
2. One by one remove the Apple Mobile Device, Bonjour and iTunes programs
3. Reboot the machine
4. Use the iTunes setup package to install again
5. Reboot your PC
6. Sync (finally)


9 thoughts on “Fix iTunes + Windows 7 + iPhone

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  2. Well, here is my problem, I’ve done this a million times but it won’t install apple mobile support for love or money…. just keeps rolling back… i’ve even tried installing applemobilesupport on its own and it fails, tells me that its encountered problems and didn’t install… any thoughts?


  3. Hi Zee,

    Sorry for the late reply. Did you run the install as Administrator? If I remember correctly that seemed to do the trick for me.

    Good luck.

  4. Fa Fa,
    love to read the information in your link but no access. Could you please publish it either directly, or move it to a public site? Thanks.

    May solve my problem of getting my iTunes to recognise both my iPod Touch and IPhone which since Windows 7 install had not worked.

    Tried all the usual stuff of re-installs as Admin etc. but no luck.

  5. Hey man your link is broken and yeah I still don’t get it but it seems apple dosent have an iTunes that works with win 7 yet so untill then I would recomend getting another program that does the same thing untill they fix it oh and Im going to keep looking for a fix so If apple doesn’t find a fix it I will

    p.s if you have the answer then I would enjoy to know it 🙂

  6. How did you get your iPhone to successfully sync in the first place? Mine won’t even sync…should I still try that method?

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