Going home

This week has been intense. I’ve seen lots of opinions and overall learned a lot. And even though San Jose is not the same as San Francisco, I found something to do 🙂

Although I tried to take more photos, as I said in a previous post, I just didn’t had the time. I even missed visiting the San Jose Tech Museum, but next time I’ll do it at all costs. Now I’m waiting for the checkout and a short ride to the airport. Then 13 hours to Paris, 4 hours between flights and another 3 hours to Bucharest. Luckily I have several devices with enough battery power to last me the trip.

The next post will be from my couch (or office 🙂 ). It’s nice going home.

P.S. I will upload what pictures I have when I get home, since the net connection here is … let’s say slow 🙂

Update: finally, after about two weeks I’ve managed to get everything up on Flickr (they have a 200 photos limit for free accounts 😦 ). Some of these images were taken by Cataling, but I accidentally mixed them all together and don’t know which are which. Hope he won’t bite my head off.