But how do I use that code?

That’s a question I’ve seen quite a few times on the Adobe labs and pre-release forums over the past months. And the question is used in relation with the code being generated by the web service introspection wizard.

Although we’ve tried to make the code as simple and versatile as possible, as in to cover most use-cases, it seems to still need some explaining. It is possibly caused by change. The way in which you used web services has changed substantially, and disruptive changes are not always easily understood. We’ve gone from a full run-time experience to strong-types and ActionScript representations of the service. So I’ve tried to put together a small application that uses a web service and shows how to use this new nifty feature.

The example will stretch over two posts/parts, each covering a way of using the generated code to arrive at the same result, structured like this: Continue reading


Flex 3, BlazeDS & AIR 1.0 are out!

Finally, the combination for RIA goodness is upon us. Adobe, through the combined efforts of the Flex, AIR and BlazeDS teams has launched these three products aimed to making the life of web developers a bit easier, and the life of the web user a lot easier. You can check out the products on the adobe.com website, where you can also download a trial version (for Flex Builder) or the full versions of the Flex 3 SDK, AIR SDK and BlazeDS.

air  fx_appicon_web blaze_ds_logo_web

Now it’s time to see how the web experience shapes up – I’m looking forward to ever-increasing levels of interactivity on the web, and a nice blend between the web and the desktop (which AIR aims to increase).

Here are some stories on Digg, on the same topic, here, here and here.


Just got the bug up and running using OpenID – or so I hope – the plugin threw a warning, but seems to work ok … So if you have an OpenID account you can now use it to register or post a comment. The good side – you’re comment will get through moderation (I hope).

So, let’s see how much fun this will be and how long it takes for OpenID to really take off and get some major social websites on it.

Oh, I’m using WP-openid (search for it, the link is out of reach).

SideNote: My laptop is freaking me out tonight, it keeps pausing to do stuff with my hard-drive …. if it keeps it up it will end up in a corner of the room.

Going home

This week has been intense. I’ve seen lots of opinions and overall learned a lot. And even though San Jose is not the same as San Francisco, I found something to do 🙂

Although I tried to take more photos, as I said in a previous post, I just didn’t had the time. I even missed visiting the San Jose Tech Museum, but next time I’ll do it at all costs. Now I’m waiting for the checkout and a short ride to the airport. Then 13 hours to Paris, 4 hours between flights and another 3 hours to Bucharest. Luckily I have several devices with enough battery power to last me the trip.

The next post will be from my couch (or office 🙂 ). It’s nice going home.

P.S. I will upload what pictures I have when I get home, since the net connection here is … let’s say slow 🙂

Update: finally, after about two weeks I’ve managed to get everything up on Flickr (they have a 200 photos limit for free accounts 😦 ). Some of these images were taken by Cataling, but I accidentally mixed them all together and don’t know which are which. Hope he won’t bite my head off.


Right now I’m sitting inside Adobe’s San Jose caffeteria. For a week I will be in San Jose instead of Bucharest, attending some meetings, conferences and other similar stuff. I’ll also try to visit and take a ton of pictures. So for now articles will appear at a completly different time 🙂
I will update this post with pictures as soon as I upload them to an online service.