Why can’t we just erase accounts?

We optimized the way we create accounts on various sites. We optimized how to recover lost passwords or set preferences. Bt why can’t we do the same to remove an account?

Most people already have this: too many accounts on sites / web applications that they no longer use, like or are even annoyed. But you can’t delete your account. No, you’re there forever. What about if you change your ideology and don’t want to be seen as a member of a particular site? In many cases you can’t have that. And it’s sad.

I’m not one for erasing or changing history, the communist era did too much of that, but I want to have a choice of whether I want to be a member of some site or not. Keep the fact that I joined your site in your archive, but let me erase myself.

/End rant of the day, back to unsubscribing from stuff


Post Flex Camp

Last night was Flex Camp. We had a bunch of people coming, talked about Flex (and a little bit about AIR) and it was great. It really was to see the people that will use the products that you’re working on in person, not only over the forums. It’s great to see the enthusiasm and understand how people think about your work. And it’s great to network and help out.

I don’t know the exact number of people that attended, but I know they had different backgrounds (designers, developers) and they were a fun bunch. And I’m still sleepy.

I had promised to make available the presentation that I gave regarding Flex and SOA and the application built on stage. These will also appear on Adobe Romania‘s blog in a short while, where you can find them with all the others, and a link to watch the recorded event (in case you missed it live, or via the broadcast).

That said, you can grab the presentation here and the zipped project here (this is a zip exported from Flex Builder, so ideally you should grab a copy of the IDE and use the Import > Flex > Import project command to load the zip contents into your workspace).The presentation is the same one I did last night, with only the Amazon developer key zeroed out 🙂 You have to get your own.


FlexCamp is upon us

Today at Adobe Romania takes place the FlexCamp Bucharest. It’s a conference about Flex which had already sold out in the first three weeks from its announcements.

I will hold a camp session showing off the improvements we have added into Flex Builder in terms of web services – the introspection wizard which generates strong typed classes for both the operations, types and even request / result wrappers.

If you already registered and received an invitation, I’m looking forward to meet you there. Otherwise (or if you simply cannot come) the entire camp is broadcasted live over Acrobat Connect. Recordings of the presentations will also be made available afterwards. You can watch the live camp session on Connect at this address: http://my.adobe.acrobat.com/flexro.

Now back to adding the finishing touches on the presentation.