Flex Module for Apache and IIS is out the door ..

And into labs. Last night Adobe launched on Labs another tool to help developers create Flex Applications free and easy, an the Operating System of choice. I’ve talked before how you can create Flex Applications using only Vim (or any other text editor for that matter), the free Flex 2 SDK and the command line. Now I can strip the command line off that list. No more write > shell > compile > copy > preview in browser once this baby is installed.

So what does it do?

It installs snugly next to your free copy of the SDK (or brings its own one with it if you need it) and plugs itself into Apache (my choice) or IIS. Then all you have to do is point your browser to a mxml file (like http://localhost/flex_app/index.mxml 🙂 ) and it will do all the heavy lifting. You’ll get a swf wrapped by some basic html.

So, if you think it may be interesting for you, grab your copy here (free as in beer of course).

So if you were wondering why I had to poke around Apache modules, now you know 😉