What I want for Christmas …

Aand yes, I know that Christmas passed already … but it still looks nice and I still like it. In case you like Mac’s you already know what I’m talking about – the iPhone. Although I’m not a big fan of phones (I still use a two year old mobile and I’m happy with it) this one got me pretty excited. The user interface looks pretty darn cool (and seems usable too), and what it can do rivals .. no, almost beats a pda.

For all of you that don’t know yet, at the keynote today, Steve Jobs introduced the iPhone – a mobile phone created by Applec with some amazing features:

  • no keypad, the screen is your keypad, using multi-touch ;
  • it can run in portrait and landscape mode;
  • it has 8 Gb of storage space – 8 times my first PC;
  • Wi-Fi and Bluetooh 2.0
  • and more

If you want a complete description – with some nice pictures too – check out the Engadget article here.


G did it again

Fortune magazine published the list of the best 100 companies to work for. And this year Google was eligible too (it exists for 7 years already). And, in googlish style, it jumped straight to number 1. So it must be a really darn cool place to work for. Check out the entire list here.

Unfortunately the company I work for – Adobe – went down a few places this year, hitting only 31. Check out the entire list here.